Our Company

Emerald Incorporated is in the state of Washington due to one critical factor: gratitude for the stupendous support we have received from customers, friends and family.

Our origins are humble ones. We began as Emerald City Services in April 1989 with a core mission to provide excellent, affordable, reliable and consistent sales and service. Twenty years later we remain committed to that mission.

The principal's initial experience was with the Forest Service and the National Park Service serving communities around this wonderful, unequaled, state in numerous fields including forest firefighting, conservation and recreation. That foundation led to experience with private fire protection companies across the southwest.

After returning to the northwest, also managing a local company it was decided to venture alone. The reason is we believed we could extend a more direct and accountable service to our customer base. Over the years we have also partnered up with other local fabulous companies to offer a one stop service company with one contact responsible for client to company communications. The customer has access to a particular company contact 24 hours a day. No hindrance, when we say you will reach us at 3:00 a.m., “You” will reach someone at that hour. At that hour you do not reach an answering service or a technician, you reach the principal. As a customer you will have his private cell number.

The Northwest is home and because of that we do it right.